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Did This Scorching-Hot Planet Lose—and Regain—an Atmosphere?

April 14th, 2021
A veritable hellscape of an exoplanet is challenging researchers’ assumptions about what types of worlds host atmospheres.

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The Thrusters Behind NASA’s Mission to the Asteroid Psyche

April 9th, 2021
Hall thrusters have been used in satellites for years. Now, they'll play a crucial role in reaching a metallic asteroid called Psyche.

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Sneaky New Bacteria on the ISS Could Build a Future on Mars

April 5th, 2021
NASA tracks the microbes that live on the space station, and sometimes it discovers new ones. Those hardy bugs may offer clues about surviving long missions.

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It’s Finally Time to Take Out the Space Trash

March 29th, 2021
Junk satellites can pose risks to other objects in Earth’s orbit. Startups are testing out ways to tidy up, from magnets to robotic tentacles.

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A New Snapshot of a Black Hole Reveals Its Mysterious Physics

March 26th, 2021
The Event Horizon Telescope’s groundbreaking image provides clues into how the cosmic phenomena gobble up matter.

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Satellites Can Help Detect When a Volcano’s About to Blow

March 18th, 2021
Researchers used thermal radiation data to find patterns in recent eruptions—providing another metric to help get ahead of a potentially deadly blast.

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NASA Gets a Quick Peek at a Mysterious Layer of the Sun

March 15th, 2021
A new map of the chromosphere’s magnetic field could help us predict solar weather patterns—and anticipate flares that wreak havoc on the power grid.

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SpaceX Is Going All In on Its South Texas Starport

March 10th, 2021
New documents show the company has grand plans for its Boca Chica launch site, providing more evidence that Elon Musk is bullish on SpaceX's future there.

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Can Alien Smog Lead Us to Extraterrestrial Civilizations?

March 4th, 2021
A new study modeled whether we could find intelligent life on another planet—by looking for its pollution.

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How Elon Musk Convinced Gwynne Shotwell to Join SpaceX

March 2nd, 2021
Ultimately, their management styles were similar: Don’t talk about doing things, just do things.

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