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Is It Better to Plant Trees or Let Forests Regrow Naturally?

October 31st, 2020
Nations are pledging to plant billions of trees. But a new study shows that we've underestimated the power of natural forest regrowth to fight climate change.

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How Octopuses Use Their Suction Cups to Taste Through Touch

October 29th, 2020
A new study reveals that the invertebrates use a novel kind of receptor embedded in their suckers to explore their ocean habitats.

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What to Wear When Battling the Venomous Asian Giant Hornet

October 28th, 2020
The suits worn by Washington state entomologists aren't "official" hornet-fighting armor. But they were affordable—and came up in an Amazon search.

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These Oceanographers Want to Turn Marine Slime Into Drugs

October 27th, 2020
A California team will use a robotic vehicle to study tiny seafloor creatures, hoping they might yield new compounds to fight viruses and cancer.

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Pandemic Quiet Is Helping Humans Eavesdrop on Rare Dolphins

October 26th, 2020
Researchers are hoping to use the opportunity to get a better handle on the language of Australia’s endangered Burrunan dolphins.

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Russia’s Laptev Sea Should Have Started to Freeze by Now

October 24th, 2020
Normally, the 'birthplace of ice' freezes by late October. For the first time in recorded history, it hasn't. That could have knock-on effects across the Arctic.

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How the Venus Flytrap ‘Remembers’ When It Captures Prey

October 23rd, 2020
The carnivorous plant is believed to have something akin to a short-term "memory." A team of scientists has uncovered new details on how it works.

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The Case for Reviving the Civilian Conservation Corps

October 23rd, 2020
If the US brought back the Great Depression’s massive worker program, it could put millions of Americans back to work—and help stave off disasters like wildfires.

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The New Science of Wildfire Prediction

October 19th, 2020
On this week's Get WIRED podcast, writer Dan Duane dives into the inevitability of fires in the west and how better models would help combat them.

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Want Some Eco-Friendly Tips? A New Study Says No, You Don’t

October 17th, 2020
Nagging, giving unsolicited advice, and “ecopiety” are out. But there are better ways to get people to adopt green habits.

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