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Razer announces a gaming monitor, haptic feedback PC gaming peripherals

January 8th, 2019
A graphic showing Razer's HyperSense concept.

Enlarge / A graphic showing Razer's HyperSense concept. (credit: Razer)

At this year's CES, it sometimes seems like consumer electronics announcements are dominated by two trends: gaming gear and digital voice assistants. Gaming brand Razer made announcements related to both this week.

Arguably the most notable are HyperSense—a haptic feedback platform that makes PC peripherals like headphones, gaming chairs, and mice provide gaming controller-like feedback along with the audio in games—and the Raptor, Razer's first gaming monitor designed in-house.

Razer HyperSense

Razer Chroma, an RGB lighting solution that syncs multi-colored lights across all your peripherals to match gameplay in certain games, is one of Razer's key product offerings. HyperSense builds on that by applying the same sort of concept to haptic feedback—that is, a more sophisticated successor to the "rumble" technology from various game console controllers across the gaming ages.

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