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Coronavirus-exposed teachers could stay in classrooms under new fed. guidance

August 20th, 2020
Teacher in school classroom.

Enlarge / Teacher in school classroom. (credit: Getty | Arne Dedert)

An updated guidance document from the Trump Administration now designates teachers and school staff as “essential critical infrastructure” workers, which would allow them to remain in classrooms and schools after being exposed to the pandemic coronavirus, rather than going into quarantine.

The guidance is not a directive—school districts can still decline to include educators in the designation. But some school districts have already made the designation and have signaled that they will keep teachers out of quarantines after exposures, as long as they remain symptom free. That includes school districts in Tennessee and Georgia, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Keeping exposed teachers in schools raises the risks that they could spread the infection to students and coworkers while showing no symptoms. Studies so far have suggested that infected people may be most infectious around the time they first develop symptoms. Researches have repeatedly found that levels of viral material in the upper respiratory tract are at their highest right around the time when people first notice symptoms. Additionally, some infected people do not develop symptoms but can still harbor similar levels of the virus as symptomatic people, according to several studies.

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Blogger says she got an injunction for a post published five days earlier

August 8th, 2019
Blogger says she got an injunction for a post published five days earlier

(credit: Chris Potter)

The blogger behind a widely followed data-breach reporting service said an online counseling service has obtained an injunction barring her from publishing an article that went live five days earlier. The blogger says her article is also the subject of a criminal complaint.

The August 1 post on reported that a misconfigured Amazon Web Services bucket exposed more than 300,000 records relating to people who sought counseling-related services from 1to1Help. Writing under the pseudonym "Dissent," the blogger said she first notified the company of the exposure on June 10. More than two weeks later, when the data still hadn't been taken down, she said she began contacting multinational companies that had contracted with 1to1Help to notify them that their employees' information was exposed. The reported also regularly notified parties of her deadline for publishing.

On July 4, the blogger reported, she finally received a response from a 1to1Help lawyer. The lawyer said the exposed data came from an archive that was older than five years. For the past three years, the lawyer said in a statement, the company encrypted sensitive data in a way that prevented even company administrators from accessing it. "This has data which is gathered from our website usage such as articles read, quizzes taken, various self-help resources used and only includes a small percentage of counselling [sic] information from the partial data," the lawyer added.

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