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7 Ways Hackers and Scammers Are Exploiting Coronavirus Panic

April 9th, 2020
In our previous stories, you might have already read about various campaigns warning how threat actors are capitalizing on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in an attempt to infect your computers and mobile devices with malware or scam you out of your money. Unfortunately, to some extent, it's working, and that's because the attack surface is changing and expanding rapidly as many

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New Zoom Hack Lets Hackers Compromise Windows and Its Login Password

April 1st, 2020
Zoom has been there for nine years, but the immediate requirement of an easy-to-use video conferencing app during the coronavirus pandemic overnight made it one of the most favorite communication tool for millions of people around the globe. No doubt, Zoom is an efficient online video meeting solution that's helping people stay socially connected during these unprecedented times, but it's

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WARNING: Hackers Install Secret Backdoor on Thousands of Microsoft SQL Servers

April 1st, 2020
Cybersecurity researchers today uncovered a sustained malicious campaign dating back to May 2018 that targets Windows machines running MS-SQL servers to deploy backdoors and other kinds of malware, including multi-functional remote access tools (RATs) and cryptominers. Named "Vollgar" after the Vollar cryptocurrency it mines and its offensive "vulgar" modus operandi, researchers at Guardicore

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Critical RCE Bug Affects Millions of OpenWrt-based Network Devices

March 24th, 2020
A cybersecurity researcher today disclosed technical details and proof-of-concept of a critical remote code execution vulnerability affecting OpenWrt, a widely used Linux-based operating system for routers, residential gateways, and other embedded devices that route network traffic. Tracked as CVE-2020-7982, the vulnerability resides in the OPKG package manager of OpenWrt that exists in the

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TrueFire Guitar Tutoring Website Suffers Magecart-style Credit Card Breach

March 17th, 2020
Online guitar tutoring website TrueFire has apparently suffered a 'Magecart' style data breach incident that may have potentially led to the exposure of its customers' personal information and payment card information. TrueFire is one of the popular guitar tutoring websites with over 1 million users, where wanna-be-guitarists pay online to access a massive library of over 900 courses and

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Europol Arrests 26 SIM Swapping Fraudsters For Stealing Over $3 Million

March 16th, 2020
Europol, along with the Spanish and the Romanian national police, has arrested 26 individuals in connection with the theft of over €3.5 million ($3.9 million) by hijacking people's phone numbers via SIM swapping attacks. The law enforcement agencies arrested 12 and 14 people in Spain and Romania, respectively, as part of a joint operation against two different groups of SIM swappers, Europol

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Virgin Media Data Leak Exposes Details of 900,000 Customers

March 6th, 2020
On the same day yesterday, when the US-based telecom giant T-Mobile admitted a data breach, the UK-based telecommunication provider Virgin Media announced that it has also suffered a data leak incident exposing the personal information of roughly 900,000 customers. What happened? Unlike the T-Mobile data breach that involved a sophisticated cyber attack, Virgin Media said the incident was

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Critical PPP Daemon Flaw Opens Most Linux Systems to Remote Hackers

March 5th, 2020
The US-CERT today issued advisory warning users of a new dangerous 17-year-old remote code execution vulnerability affecting the PPP daemon (pppd) software that comes installed on almost all Linux based operating systems, as well as powers the firmware of many other networking devices. The affected pppd software is an implementation of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) that enables communication

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Hackers Compromise T-Mobile Employee’ Email Accounts and Steal User’ Data

March 5th, 2020
If you are a T-Mobile customer, this news may concern you. US-based telecom giant T-Mobile has suffered yet another data breach incident that recently exposed personal and accounts information of both its employees and customers to unknown hackers. What happened? In a breach notification posted on its website, T-Mobile today said its cybersecurity team recently discovered a sophisticated

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2 Chinese Charged with Laundering $100 Million for North Korean Hackers

March 3rd, 2020
Two Chinese nationals have been charged by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and sanctioned by the US Treasury for allegedly laundering $100 million worth of virtual currency using prepaid Apple iTunes gift cards. According to a newly unsealed court document, the illicit funds originated from a $250 million haul stolen from two different unnamed cryptocurrency exchanges that were perpetrated

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