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Dark Nexus: A New Emerging IoT Botnet Malware Spotted in the Wild

April 8th, 2020
Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new emerging IoT botnet threat that leverages compromised smart devices to stage 'distributed denial-of-service' attacks, potentially triggered on-demand through platforms offering DDoS-for-hire services. The botnet, named "dark_nexus" by Bitdefender researchers, works by employing credential stuffing attacks against a variety of devices, such as

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WARNING: Hackers Install Secret Backdoor on Thousands of Microsoft SQL Servers

April 1st, 2020
Cybersecurity researchers today uncovered a sustained malicious campaign dating back to May 2018 that targets Windows machines running MS-SQL servers to deploy backdoors and other kinds of malware, including multi-functional remote access tools (RATs) and cryptominers. Named "Vollgar" after the Vollar cryptocurrency it mines and its offensive "vulgar" modus operandi, researchers at Guardicore

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Marriott Suffers Second Breach Exposing Data of 5.2 Million Hotel Guests

March 31st, 2020
International hotel chain Marriott today disclosed a data breach impacting nearly 5.2 million hotel guests, making it the second security incident to hit the company in recent years. "At the end of February 2020, we identified that an unexpected amount of guest information may have been accessed using the login credentials of two employees at a franchise property," Marriott said in a

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Mukashi: A New Mirai IoT Botnet Variant Targeting Zyxel NAS Devices

March 21st, 2020
A new version of the infamous Mirai botnet is exploiting a recently uncovered critical vulnerability in network-attached storage (NAS) devices in an attempt to remotely infect and control vulnerable machines. Called "Mukashi," the new variant of the malware employs brute-force attacks using different combinations of default credentials to log into Zyxel NAS, UTM, ATP, and VPN firewall

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Hackers Created Thousands of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Related Sites As Bait

March 18th, 2020
As the world comes to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, the situation has proven to be a blessing in disguise for threat actors, who've taken advantage of the opportunity to target victims with scams or malware campaigns. Now, according to a new report published by Check Point Research today and shared with The Hacker News, hackers are exploiting the COVID-19 outbreak to spread their own

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US Govt Warns Critical Industries After Ransomware Hits Gas Pipeline Facility

February 19th, 2020
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) earlier today issued a warning to all industries operating critical infrastructures about a new ransomware threat that if left unaddressed could have severe consequences. The advisory comes in response to a cyberattack targeting an unnamed natural gas compression facility that employed

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Emotet Malware Now Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Infect New Victims

February 12th, 2020
Emotet, the notorious trojan behind a number of botnet-driven spam campaigns and ransomware attacks, has found a new attack vector: using already infected devices to identify new victims that are connected to nearby Wi-Fi networks. According to researchers at Binary Defense, the newly discovered Emotet sample leverages a "Wi-Fi spreader" module to scan Wi-Fi networks, and then attempts to

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Russian Pleads Guilty to Running ‘CardPlanet’ to Sell Stolen Credit Cards

January 24th, 2020
Image credit: Times of Israel. Aleksei Burkov, a 29-year-old Russian hacker, on Thursday pleaded guilty to multiple criminal charges for running two illegal websites that helped cyber criminals commit more than $20 million in credit card fraud. The first website Burkov operated was an online marketplace for buying and selling stolen credit card and debit card numbers—called Cardplanet—which

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PoC Exploits Released for Citrix ADC and Gateway RCE Vulnerability

January 11th, 2020
It's now or never to prevent your enterprise servers running vulnerable versions of Citrix application delivery, load balancing, and Gateway solutions from getting hacked by remote attackers. Why the urgency? Earlier today, multiple groups publicly released weaponized proof-of-concept exploit code [1, 2] for a recently disclosed remote code execution vulnerability in Citrix's NetScaler ADC

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Landry’s Restaurant Chain Suffers Payment Card Theft Via PoS Malware

January 2nd, 2020
Landry's, a popular restaurant chain in the United States, has announced a malware attack on its point of sale (POS) systems that allowed cybercriminals to steal customers' payment card information. Landry's owns and operates more than 600 bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, food and beverage outlets with over 60 different brands such as Landry's Seafood, Chart House, Saltgrass Steak House,

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