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Researchers Find Technique to Bypass iPhone Lockscreen

March 31st, 2015

By Waqas

Researchers at MDSec, an IT security firm, have identified a method that allows thieves and hackers to bypass iPhone’s lockscreen utilizing equipment that costs merely few hundred dollars. In an iPhone, the lockscreen basically serves as a barrier between thieves and the phone since it bricks the device after 10 wrong guesses. Moreover, it has proven to be difficult to bypass on phones that aren’t jailbroken. However, according to MDSec, there is […]

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FBI Wants Tech Companies to Disable Default Smartphone Encryption

March 30th, 2015

By Waqas

Encryption should be Outlawed – FBI Retracts Support to Further Weaken Our Security. In the past when Apple started encrypting its iPhone by default, the step was lauded by the FBI as it ensured enhanced security. However, FBI has revoked its support and now maintains that encryption of this type needs to be outlawed of course, for the safety of Americans. Before the House Appropriations Committee, Jim Comey, FBI’s director, pleaded for […]

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IoT Hackers: The FTC Wants You!

March 25th, 2015

In-brief: The Federal Trade Commission announced this week that it is creating a new Office of Technology Research and Investigation to expand the FTC’s research into areas such as privacy, data security, connected cars, smart homes, algorithmic transparency, emerging payment methods, big data, and the Internet of Things. Do you like hacking consumer technology? Do you find it thrilling to expose security and privacy weaknesses in products that we use every day and rely on? In the past, this might have gotten you sued. Today, you might be a candidate for a job at The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The government’s lead product safety and consumer protection watchdog announced this week that it is launching a new office designed to “expand the FTC’s capacity to protect consumers in an age of rapid technological innovation.” The FTC said it is looking for “technologists” to staff the new Office of Technology Research and Investigation […]

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Girl Poisons Mom Twice For Taking Away Her iPhone

March 22nd, 2015

By Waqas

A 12-year-old girl in Colorado has been arrested and charged for attempting to kill her mom through poisoning her with bleach just because she took away iPhone from her. Authorities claim that the circumstances are chilling. First time the mother felt a strange odor coming from her breakfast smoothie. On second occasion, mother felt thirsty and went to water carafe from where she noticed the same odor that she had felt while […]

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Apple removes all antivirus apps from iOS App Store

March 21st, 2015

By Waqas

Apple is deleting antivirus and antimalware apps from its iOS App Store without official warning or announcement.  It seems that Apple has given up on apps in the Apple store that are related to antivirus or antimalware. There has not been any official announcement made by Apple on this change of policy as such. However, the loose guidelines that Apple follow allows it to do anything at any time, especially something like […]

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Thought your private phone photos weren’t on Facebook? Think again…

March 20th, 2015
Facebook just fixed a privacy bug in a feature of its mobile app called "Photo Sync." That's good news...but did you even notice that Photo Sync was on in the first place?

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Nintendo’s mobile games won’t necessarily be free-to-play

March 19th, 2015
A sample of the microtransaction-driven crane gameplay in the Japan-only "Collectible Badge Center" on the 3DS.

When Nintendo announced earlier this week that it is partnering with mobile gaming giant DeNA to finally bring its characters to the mobile phone marketplace, some were worried about the direction the partnership would take Nintendo's storied game design. DeNA's international success has come on top of a flood of microtransaction-heavy free-to-play mobile games, which often use heavy elements of chance to hook players into slot-machine style item chases.

Nintendo hasn't ruled out that kind of model for its mobile games, but it says that other payment methods will also be considered for individual titles. In an interview with Time, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata noted that what he calls the "free-to-start" business model is popular on mobile phones, and it would "naturally be an option for us to consider." That said, "for each title, we will discuss with DeNA and decide the most appropriate payment method. So, specifically to your question, both [free-to-play and other business models] can be options, and if a new Nintendo-like invention comes of it, then all the better."

Considering the issue further, Iwata said he doesn't want to "choose payment methods that may hurt Nintendo’s brand image or our IP," and that it is important to have a business model "parents feel comfortable letting their children play with. Also, it’s even more important for us to consider how we can get as many people around the world as possible to play Nintendo smart device apps, rather than to consider which payment system will earn the most money."

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FREAK Attacks Still a Threat for Hundreds of iOS and Android Apps

March 18th, 2015

By Waqas

Apparently, a majority of iOS and Android apps are still potentially vulnerable to dangerous FREAK attacks that can easily compromise encrypted data. The problem emerges from the fact that the apps haven’t been fixed against the FREAK (Factoring) attack. This attack was identified on RSA-EXPORT keys by researchers on 13th March. Researchers at FireEye, a security firm, didn’t identify the unpatched apps but their categories have been revealed as shopping, finance, business, […]

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SSCC 190 – The CeBIT 2015 edition [PODCAST]

March 18th, 2015
Recorded right on the Sophos booth at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany. Here's the Fifth Anniversary edition of our weekly podcast...enjoy!

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“Black Box” brouhaha breaks out over brute forcing of iPhone PIN lock

March 17th, 2015
A brouhaha has broken out about a "Black Box" that can brute force your iPhone PIN by trying every possible combination, from 00..00 to 99..99. Apparently, it can even circumvent the "10 mistakes and you're finished" test. Sort of...

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