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A bug lets you crash anyone’s iPhone with a text message

May 27th, 2015

By Waqas

It appears that there’s a newly discovered bug in Apple’s

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Beware of the text message that crashes iPhones

May 27th, 2015

There's yet another iOS bug that causes Apple devices to crash when they receive text messages containing a string of special characters. With further finessing, the same exploit may be able to attack Macs, since OS X is also unable to process the same combination of characters, which are technically known as glyphs.

The menacing combination of ASCII and unicode-based characters looks like this:

According to people investigating the bug on reddit, the text causes iPhones running multiple versions of iOS to promptly crash. A flurry of Twitter users, angry that their devices fell victim to text messages, indicates that the bug is causing problems. Apple will almost certainly issue a fix. In the meantime, users can protect themselves against the nuisance text by going to system settings, navigating to Notifications>Messages>Show Previews, and turning it to off.

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A quick review of Apple’s new iPhone Lightning Dock

May 25th, 2015

Earlier this week, Apple released a new iPhone Dock. Back in the day, the third generation iPod came with a dock, and nearly two years ago Apple released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C docks. Those old docks had a 30-pin or Lightning connector, respectively, as well as a 3.5mm line out connector. As I like to use my iPhone on my nightstand as a clock while it charges (Analog Digital Clock for the win!), I took a knife to my 5S Dock and managed to make it fit an iPhone 6. But I ended up using the dock fairly rarely because docking requires getting my iPhone out of its case—which I use religiously with the iPhone 6.

A quick hands-on video showing the new dock in action. (video link)

The new dock is sightly different from the old ones. Rather than having a recessed area that fits and supports the device the dock is specifically made for, the new iPhone Dock supports all iPhones and iPods with a lightning connector running iOS 8. It does this by having a flat top with a little mound on it that holds the lightning connector. So the iPhone is only supported through its lightning port. As a result, it wobbles a bit side-to-side when touched. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to affect the electronic connection between the phone and the dock. The iPhone sits fairly stable in the front/back direction. Still, I'm glad I get to use the dock with an iPhone 6 that's still under warranty. The great thing about this design, apart from being both future- and past-proof (a rarity in Cupertino!), is that it lets the iPhone dock while it's in Apple's silicone case. There's actually room for slightly bigger cases.

An interesting change from the previous docks is that the line out port is now a headphone out port. When you put the iPhone in the dock and there's nothing connected to the headphone out port of the dock, the iPhone uses its speaker, which comes through loud and clear. Remember, the iPhone's headphone out port is at the bottom, so you can't use it while the phone is docked. The microphone also works normally.

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Apple users hit with KYC Validation/iCloud ID review phishing scam

May 6th, 2015

By Waqas

A fake email supposedly sent by ‘Apple Genius Assistance’ informs

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New iPhone case charges your phone battery without being plugged in

May 6th, 2015

By Waqas

Nikola Labs has launched an iPhone case that transforms radio

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iOS Vulnerability Could Force Devices Into Endless Reboot Loop

April 23rd, 2015
Researchers stumbled upon a vulnerability recently that can force any iPhone or iPad into a perpetual reboot loop.

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Any iPhone, iPad Within Wi-Fi Range can be Crashed due to Security Flaw

April 23rd, 2015

By Waqas

Researchers at the RSA conference explained about a newly found vulnerability that allows attackers to crash just about any iOS device. San Francisco: Researchers from Skycure security firm revealed vulnerability “No iOS Zone” yesterday at the RSA security conference. This vulnerability allows cybercriminals crash just about any iOS device that comes within a WiFi hotspot range. They acknowledged the fact that this happens regardless if you have deliberately connected or not. The […]

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Inside Apple’s ResearchKit

April 21st, 2015

LifeMap Solutions
Performing large-scale medical studies has never been easy. Getting people to provide informed consent, respond to surveys, or (even worse) show up for testing has often led to high rates of attrition, unreliable information, or both.

So it was intriguing to hear that Apple had decided to try to help out in this area. Smartphones have a number of significant advantages: people use them already, users already accept that phones can gather information on everything from our location to our fingerprints, and it's possible to develop sophisticated software that runs on them. The problem has been that medical researchers' software talents tend to lie in building statistical models, not sophisticated user-facing software.

ResearchKit had the potential to make a decent GUI much more manageable. But Apple hadn't even revealed what was in the framework, so it was difficult to tell how much easier it would be—or even what problems it attempted to solve. Now that it's possible to take a look, it's obvious that Apple has created a simple programming paradigm that works in a number of contexts, one that takes the need to build a GUI almost entirely out of the developer's hands.

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Serious Security Flaw found in 1,500 iOS apps—Checkout if your iPhone is at risk

April 21st, 2015

By Waqas

Researchers have identified a serious vulnerability in at least 1,500 iOS apps. This security flaw has made the apps exploitable by hackers who look for victims to swipe passwords and obtain financial data. Last month IT security firm SourceDNA discovered a bug that has been fixed in an open-source code update. This bug contained a serious vulnerability and still some app developers have ignored updating their apps to the new version. The […]

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1,500 iOS apps have HTTPS-crippling bug. Is one of them on your device?

April 20th, 2015

About 1,500 iPhone and iPad apps contain an HTTPS-crippling vulnerability that makes it easy for attackers to intercept encrypted passwords, bank-account numbers, and other highly sensitive information, according to research released Monday.

An estimated two million people have installed the vulnerable apps, which include the Citrix OpenVoice Audio Conferencing, the mobile app, Movies by Flixster with Rotten Tomatoes, KYBankAgent 3.0, and Revo Restaurant Point of Sale, according to analytics service SourceDNA. The weakness is the result of a bug in an older version of the AFNetworking, an open-source code library that allows developers to drop networking capabilities into their apps. Although AFNetworking maintainers fixed the flaw three weeks ago with the release of version 2.5.2, at least 1,500 iOS apps remain vulnerable because they still use version 2.5.1. That version became available in January and introduced the HTTPS-crippling flaw.

"The issue occurs even when the mobile application requests the library to apply checks for server validation in SSL certificates," researchers Simone Bovi and Mauro Gentile wrote in a blog post published in late March. They went on to say that they analyzed one app running AFNetworking 2.5.1 and found alarming results. "We tested the app on a real device and, unexpectedly, we found that all the SSL traffic could be regularly intercepted through a proxy like Burp without any intervention!" (Emphasis is theirs.)

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