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AT&T makes it more expensive to cancel DirecTV or Internet service

December 3rd, 2018
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AT&T will start charging customers for the full month after they cancel TV or Internet service, ending its customer-friendly practice of providing a prorated credit for the final month.

Even if you cancel on the first day of a new billing period, you'll be charged for the full month and service will continue for the rest of the month whether you want it or not. To avoid paying for a month of service you don't want, you'd need to cancel by the last day of the previous billing period.

The change will take effect on January 14, 2019 and apply even when a customer is paying on a month-to-basis and no longer under contract.

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AT&T—owner of HBO and DirecTV—lets HBO go dark on Dish in money fight

November 1st, 2018
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AT&T-owned HBO and Cinemax have been pulled from Dish's satellite TV service and the Dish-owned Sling TV streaming service over a money dispute, marking the first-ever blackout for HBO in its 46-year history.

In June, US District Court Judge Richard Leon allowed AT&T to complete its purchase of Time Warner Inc., the owner of HBO and Cinemax, saying there was no reason to believe that AT&T would use its market power to harm rival TV providers or consumers. AT&T is also the owner of DirecTV, Dish's primary competitor in the satellite TV business.

Dish said AT&T pulled HBO from Dish and Sling TV, while HBO said that Dish pulled the channel from its services as a negotiating tactic. Dish said that its customers will get bill credits for the time they cannot access HBO or Cinemax.

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