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Google offers up to $1.5 million bounty for remotely hacking Titan M chip

November 22nd, 2019
With its latest announcement to increase bug bounty rewards for finding and reporting critical vulnerabilities in the Android operating system, Google yesterday set up a new challenging level for hackers that could let them win a bounty of up to $1.5 million. Starting today, Google will pay $1 million for a "full chain remote code execution exploit with persistence which compromises the Titan

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Google Makes it Tough for Rogue App Developers Get Back on Android Play Store

April 16th, 2019
Even after Google's security oversight over its already-huge Android ecosystem has evolved over the years, malware apps still keep coming back to Google Play Store. Sometimes just reposting an already detected malware app from a newly created Play Store account, or using other developers' existing accounts, is enough for 'bad-faith' developers to trick the Play Store into distributing unsafe

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Hackers Could Turn Pre-Installed Antivirus App on Xiaomi Phones Into Malware

April 4th, 2019
What could be worse than this, if the software that's meant to protect your devices leave backdoors open for hackers or turn into malware? Researchers today revealed that a security app that comes pre-installed on more than 150 million devices manufactured by Xiaomi, China's biggest and world's 4th largest smartphone company, was suffering from multiple issues that could have allowed remote

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Signal 2.0 — Free iPhone App for Encrypted Calls and Texts

March 3rd, 2015

An open source software group, Open Whisper Systems, has announced the release of Signal 2.0 — the second version of its free and open source messaging application for iPhone and iPad users.

Signal app is specifically designed to make secure and easy-to-use encrypted voice calling. But that’s what the application was providing in its previous release introduced last July with Signal 1.0.

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