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Chrome Flaw Allows Sites to Secretly Record Audio/Video Without Indication

May 30th, 2017

What if your laptop is listening to everything that is being said during your phone calls or other people near your laptop and even recording video of your surrounding without your knowledge?

Sounds really scary! Isn’t it? But this scenario is not only possible but is hell easy to accomplish.

A UX design flaw in the Google’s Chrome browser could allow malicious websites to record audio or

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Sadly, Windows 10 Is Stealing Your Bandwidth ‘By Default’ — Disable It Immediately

August 3rd, 2015

After installing Windows 10, Feeling like your Internet Bandwidth is dropping away? Windows 10 is stealing your network bandwidth.

Along with the privacy features related to Wi-Fi Sense, Windows 10 users should check for another hidden by default feature that uses your network bandwidth to share updates with other Windows 10 users across the Internet.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on

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Windows 10 to deliver updates and App downloads via Peer-to-Peer Technology

March 16th, 2015

Does downloading Windows updates from Microsoft’s servers and waiting too long really annoy you? It might not be with the arrival of Windows 10. Microsoft seems to make a major change in Windows 10 to the way it delivers updates for the software.

The leaked version of Windows 10 build 10036 (the current version is build 9926) allows you to grab OS updates from Microsoft as well as other

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