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Europol Now Going After People Who Bought DDoS-for-Hire Services

January 29th, 2019
If you were a buyer of any online DDoS-for-hire service, you might be in trouble. After taking down and arresting the operators of the world's biggest DDoS-for-hire service last year, the authorities are now in hunt for customers who bought the service that helped cyber criminals launch millions of attacks against several banks, government institutions, and gaming industry. Europol has

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‘Pulse wave’ DDoS – another way of blasting sites offline

August 18th, 2017

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that any new way of DDoSing will reveal that there are a huge number of undefended devices online

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UK Teenager, Aged 18, Charged With Running DDoS-For-Hire Service

July 3rd, 2017

A teenage student has been charged with running a supplying malware that was used for launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against websites of some of the world’s leading businesses.

Jack Chappell, an 18-year-old teenager from Stockport, is accused of helping cyber criminals with his DDoS booter service (DDoS-for-hire service) to flood millions of websites around the world

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Lizard Squad, PoodleCorp members arrested in DDoS-for-hire bust

October 13th, 2016

For $20/month, one of the services, PhoneBomber, would call a victim once an hour for a month with streams of expletive-sprinkled threats.

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National Crime Agency snares teens who used Lizard Squad DDoS tool

August 28th, 2015

The NCA says it wants to reform the teens caught up in its operation targeting users of LizardStresser, an online tool for attacking websites. Is a stern talking-to enough? Or should they face jail time?

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High schooler allegedly hired third party to DDoS his school district

May 22nd, 2015

He might face state and federal charges. The attack crippled more than 50 schools, forcing some students to retake tests multiple times, among other miseries.

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