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Google Adds New Option to ‘Auto-Delete’ Your Location History and Activity Data

May 2nd, 2019
Google is giving you more control over how long you want the tech company to hold on to your location history and web activity data. Google has introduced a new, easier, privacy-focused auto-delete feature for your Google account that will allow you to automatically delete your Location History and Web and App Activity data after a set period of time. Google's Location History feature, if

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Google Helps Police Identify Devices Close to Crime Scenes Using Location Data

April 15th, 2019
It's no secret that Google tracks you everywhere, even when you keep Google's Location History feature disabled. As revealed by an Associated Press investigation in 2018, other Google apps like Maps or daily weather update service on Android allows the tech giant to continuously collect your precise latitude and longitude. According to Google, the company uses this location-tracking

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How to Stop Facebook App From Tracking Your Location In the Background

February 22nd, 2019
Every app installed on your smartphone with permission to access location service "can" continually collect your real-time location secretly, even in the background when you do not use them. Do you know? — Installing the Facebook app on your Android and iOS smartphones automatically gives the social media company your rightful consent to collect the history of your precise location. If you

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WhatsApp may let you Recall Sent Messages and Track Friends Location in Realtime

February 2nd, 2017

Are you the victim of sending awkward WhatsApp messages to your friends, families, and colleagues while you’re drunk?

No need to panic now, as you’ll soon be able to recall your drunk or mistakenly sent text messages on WhatsApp – a much-demanded feature.

Recall Unread Messages Sent Mistakenly

The most popular instant messaging service is reportedly testing the ability to edit or

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Uber Now Tracks Your Location Even After Your Ride

December 9th, 2016

Uber was in controversies at the mid of this year for monitoring the battery life of its users, as the company believed that its users were more likely to pay a much higher price to hire a cab when their phone’s battery is close to dying.

Uber is now tracking you even when your ride is over, and, according to the ride-hailing company, the surveillance will improve its service.

Uber recently

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Photos On Dark Web Reveal Geo-locations Of 229 Drug Dealers — Here’s How

September 21st, 2016

It’s a Fact! No matter how smart the criminals are, they always leave some trace behind.

Two Harvard students have unmasked around 229 drug and weapon dealers with the help of pictures taken by criminals and used in advertisements placed on dark web markets.

Do you know each image contains a range of additional hidden data stored within it that can be a treasure to the investigators fighting

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Your GPS Location and Calls Can be Spied Using Network Vulnerability

August 20th, 2015

Yes, you heard it right. It’s the dirty truth that’s featuring what is being called the largest privacy breach ever.

Billions of cell phone users are at risk of a vulnerability in the SS7 inter-carrier network that allows hackers and spies agencies to track locations and intercept all voice calls from anywhere in the world.

This is something we already know from the last year’s Snowden

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Visa Wants To Track Your Smartphone to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

February 16th, 2015

If you are a traveler and loves to travel then you must be annoyed of those calls you sometimes get from your bank when buying things far from home, and the most annoyed part is when the company won’t approve the transaction as it fears your card was stolen.
VISA MOBILE LOCATION CONFIRMATION APPThe payment processing and credit card giant Visa has came forward to put an end to this problem by

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