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Hackers Favorite CoinHive Cryptocurrency Mining Service Shutting Down

February 28th, 2019
Coinhive, a notorious in-browser cryptocurrency mining service popular among cybercriminals, has announced that it will discontinue its services on March 8, 2019. Regular readers of The Hacker News already know how Coinhive's service helped cyber criminals earn hundreds of thousands of dollars by using computers of millions of people visiting hacked websites. <!-- adsense --> For a brief

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Cryptocurrency Firm Loses $145 Million After CEO Dies With Only Password

February 4th, 2019
QuadrigaCX, the largest bitcoin exchange in Canada, has claimed to have lost CAD 190 million (nearly USD 145 million) worth of cryptocurrency after the exchange lost access to its cold (offline) storage wallets. Reason? Unfortunately, the only person with access to the company’s offline wallet, founder of the cryptocurrency exchange, is dead. Following the sudden death of Gerry Cotten,

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New Mac Malware Targets Cookies to Steal From Cryptocurrency Wallets

February 1st, 2019
Mac users need to beware of a newly discovered piece of malware that steals their web browser cookies and credentials in an attempt to withdraw funds from their cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Dubbed CookieMiner due to its capability of stealing cookies-related to cryptocurrency exchanges, the malware has specifically been designed to target Mac users and is believed to be based on

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