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New iPhone Bug Gives Anyone Access to Your Private Photos

October 16th, 2018
A security enthusiast who discovered a passcode bypass vulnerability in Apple's iOS 12 late last month has now dropped another passcode bypass bug that works on the latest iOS 12.0.1 that was released last week. Jose Rodriguez, a Spanish amateur security researcher, discovered a bug in iOS 12 in late September that allows attackers with physical access to your iPhone to access your contacts

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Over 1 Billion Mobile App Accounts can be Hijacked Remotely with this Simple Hack

November 5th, 2016

Security researchers have discovered a way to target a huge number of Android and iOS apps that could allow them to remotely sign into any victim’s mobile app account without any knowledge of the victim.

A group of three researchers – Ronghai Yang, Wing Cheong Lau, and Tianyu Liu – from the Chinese University of Hong Kong has found [PPT] that most of the popular mobile apps that support

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Hack Apple & Get Paid up to $200,000 Bug Bounty Reward

August 5th, 2016

So finally, Apple will pay you for your efforts of finding bugs in its products.

While major technology companies, including Microsoft, Facebook and Google, have launched bug bounty programs over last few years to reward researchers and hackers who report vulnerabilities in their products, Apple remained a holdout.

But, not now.

On Thursday, Apple announced at the Black Hat security

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How to Protect Yourself against XcodeGhost like iOS Malware Attacks

October 19th, 2015

Recently, Chinese iOS developers have discovered a new OS X and iOS malware dubbed XcodeGhost that has appeared in malicious versions of Xcode, Apple’s official toolkit for developing iOS and OS X apps.

The hack of Apple’s Xcode involves infecting the compiler with malware and then passing that malware onto the compiled software.

This is a unique approach because the hack does not

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