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Chrome Flaw Allows Sites to Secretly Record Audio/Video Without Indication

May 30th, 2017

What if your laptop is listening to everything that is being said during your phone calls or other people near your laptop and even recording video of your surrounding without your knowledge?

Sounds really scary! Isn’t it? But this scenario is not only possible but is hell easy to accomplish.

A UX design flaw in the Google’s Chrome browser could allow malicious websites to record audio or

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Firefox 41 integrates Free Built-in Instant Messaging and Video Chat to Your Browser

September 24th, 2015

Mozilla launches Voice and Video Connect with the release of Official Firefox 41.0 Release.

After significant improvements done in the Firefox Nightly experimental build of version Firefox 41.0, the stable release has a lot to offer.

How would it be experiencing a seamless communication – video and voice calls and text messaging being directly built in your browser?

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WebRTC Vulnerability leaks Real IP Addresses of VPN Users

February 3rd, 2015

An extremely critical vulnerability has recently been discovered in WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), an open-source standard that enables the browsers to make voice or video calls without needing any plug-ins.


Late last month, security researchers revealed a massive security flaw that enables website owner to easily see the real IP addresses of users through WebRTC,

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