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Developers love Python and TypeScript, get paid for Clojure, and aren’t using blockchain

April 10th, 2019

Stack Overflow's annual developer survey was published this week, giving an insight into the skills, experience, and opinions of a wide slice of the developer community. Since its launch in 2008, Stack Overflow has become an essential developer tool, offering copy/paste solutions to an ever-growing number of programming problems.

The Stack Overflow survey is particularly interesting, as Stack Overflow does not focus on any one kind of developer or development; is used by professionals, students, and hobbyists alike; and has substantial use across Europe, North America, and Asia, with respectable representation from South America, Africa, and Oceania. As such, it gives a view of the software development industry as a whole, across all fields and disciplines.

To the surprise of nobody, Web technology remains top of the usage chart: some 67.8 percent of developers use JavaScript, giving it the number one position; and 63.5 percent use HTML and CSS in second place. SQL once again takes the third slot, at 54.4 percent. The first change relative to last year's survey comes at the fourth spot, with Python pushing Java into fifth place and Bash/shell scripting into sixth. C#, PHP, and C++ retain their same relative ordering at the seventh, eighth, and ninth slots.

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Get ready for a Facebook-sponsored cryptocurrency

February 28th, 2019
A man in sunglasses holds a cell phone and a water bottle while standing outside.

Enlarge (credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Facebook is preparing to launch a cryptocurrency, the The New York Times reports. The new cryptocurrency would be integrated with Facebook's WhatsApp messaging platform, allowing ordinary WhatsApp users to send electronic cash to friends and family across international borders. The Times says it talked to five anonymous sources who have been briefed on the project.

The most popular cryptocurrencies float freely against conventional currencies, leading to high volatility. By contrast, Facebook is planning to peg its currency to a basket of national currencies. This approach could give the new WhatsApp coin greater stability without tying it too tightly to any specific country's financial system.

The Times notes that Facebook is just one of several messaging companies that are working on cryptocurrencies. Two privacy-focused messaging apps—Telegram and Signal—are each working on cryptocurrencies of their own, too. These are expected to be more traditional cryptocurrencies not pegged to conventional money.

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Fire (and lots of it): Berkeley researcher on the only way to fix cryptocurrency

February 4th, 2019
Marines use flamethrower to spectacular effect in field.

Enlarge (credit: US Marine Corps)

Nicholas Weaver made no bones about it: he really, really dislikes cryptocurrencies.

Speaking at the Enigma security conference in Burlingame, California, last week, the researcher at UC Berkeley's International Computer Science Institute characterized bitcoin and its many follow-on digital currencies as energy-sucking leeches with no redeeming qualities. Their chief, if not only, function, he said, is to fund ransomware campaigns, online drug bazaars, and other criminal enterprises.

Meanwhile, Weaver said, there's no basis for the promises that cryptocurrencies' decentralized structure and blockchain basis will fundamentally transform commerce or economics. That means the sky-high valuations spawned by those false promises are completely unjustified. He also said investors' irrational exuberance just adds to the unviability of cryptocurrency.

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Trump’s industry-friendly interior secretary has pivoted to blockchain

January 30th, 2019
Interior secretary turned blockchain booster Ryan Zinke.

Enlarge / Interior secretary turned blockchain booster Ryan Zinke. (credit: William Campbell-Corbis via Getty Images)

Ryan Zinke spent most of the last two years pursuing an industry-friendly agenda as secretary of the interior. Then, last month, he announced his resignation under pressure from the White House. Now Zinke is joining the blockchain industry.

"There is some suspicion that blockchain does not really work," Zinke said in an interview with the Swiss news site "We think it does and we want to showcase the utility and flexibility of the model."

Zinke has signed on with Artillery One, a new investment firm set up in 2017 by Wall Street financier Daniel Cannon. It's not clear what kind of investments the firm is making, but the company is reportedly working on a project in Kosovo.

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Almost $500,000 in Ethereum coin stolen by forking its blockchain

January 8th, 2019
Almost $500,000 in Ethereum coin stolen by forking its blockchain

Enlarge (credit:

Attackers have stolen almost $500,000 worth of the Ethereum Classic digital currency by carrying out a compute-intensive hack that rewrote its blockchain, officials with Coinbase, one of the leading crypto currency exchanges, said on Monday.

The heist was the result of carrying out what's known as a rollback attack, which allowed the attackers to reorganize the Ethereum blockchain, Coinbase security engineer Mark Nesbitt said in a blog post. From there, the attackers were able to "double spend" about 88,500 ETC, meaning they were able to recover previously spent coins and transfer them to a new entity. As a result, the coins were effectively transferred from the rightful recipients to new entities chosen by the attackers.

"We observed repeated deep reorganizations of the Ethereum Classic blockchain, most of which contained double spends," Nesbitt wrote. "The total value of the double spends that we have observed thus far is 88,500 ETC (~$460,000)."

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Civil unrest: How a blockchain-based journalism startup bumbled its launch

December 23rd, 2018
A man in a sport coat gives an interview.

Enlarge / Civil CEO Matthew Iles, as seen in this promo video. (credit: Freethink / YouTube)

In March 2018, Matthew Iles—the head of Civil, an ambitious blockchain-for-journalism startup—stood in a tiny New York conference room with a few colleagues seated around him. Wearing a peach-colored sweater, Iles looked up at a mounted camera to speak to dozens of colleagues spread around the world about how the future of Civil was looking bright.

"We're feeling very bullish about the value of our tokens as it relates to the value that has been estimated in all of the agreements that we have shared with you guys so far," the CEO said in an internal video recording obtained by Ars.

Civil aims to orchestrate the creation, sale, and management of an Ethereum-based crypto-token, known as CVL, meant to serve as the underpinning of a slew of recently founded ambitious news sites.

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Ohio Congressman: We can fund border wall with “WallCoin”

December 13th, 2018
A serious man in a heavy coat and hat.

Enlarge / Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) wants Americans, Mexicans, or just about anyone else to be able to donate cash to build a wall. And he thinks a "WallCoin" could help do that. (credit: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images)

As President Donald Trump threatened to allow a government shutdown if Congress did not provide funding for his proposed wall along the Mexican border, a Republican congressman from Ohio offered up alternative routes to getting the wall built: through Internet crowdfunding or through an initial coin offering.

During an interview with NPR's Morning Edition on December 12, Rep. Warren Davidson said that he had offered what he referred to as a "modest proposal" in the form of his "Buy a Brick, Build a Wall Act." The bill, which he submitted on November 30, would authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to accept monetary gifts from anyone "on the condition that it be used to plan, design, construct, or maintain a barrier along the international border between the United States and Mexico." The funds would go into an account called the "Border Wall Trust Fund," and a public website would be set up to process donations electronically.

Rep. Davidson told NPR's Steve Inskeep that the donations could come from anyone and be gathered in a number of ways."You could do it with this sort of, like, crowdfunding site," Davidson explained. "Or you could do it with blockchain—you could have Wall Coins."

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When will blockchain technology deliver on its promise?

March 20th, 2017

There’s a lot of promise in blockchain technology, but it’s bogged down in problems and has a long way to go before it’s ready for prime time

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October 12th, 2016

UPDATE: The site is back and working. Blockchain team released a statement via Twitter, which has been added at the end of this article.

If you are fascinated with the idea of digital currency, then you might have heard about BlockChain.Info.

It’s Down!

Yes,, the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet and Block Explorer service, has been down from last few hours, and it’s

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