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Computer forensics to examine son’s claims that it was dad’s child porn, not his

June 30th, 2015

Defendant Robert Fenn.
A Virginia man serving 10 years for possessing child pornography says the images found on computer hard drives at the family home were not his and instead belonged to his father, whom he lived with.

The elementary school teacher claims a forensic examination of the computers seized from the Fairfax County home where he lived with his parents and brother will confirm his suspicions, as well as allegations that his defense counsel erred by not demanding an examination of the drives following his 2012 arrest.

US District Judge James Cacheris agreed to a limited degree and said defendant Robert Fenn "shoulders a heavy burden in seeking to vacate his judgment of conviction." Over federal prosecutor's objections, the judge ruled (PDF) that the defendant could have the media drives examined by forensic experts.

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The Pirate Bay Co-Founder Released From Swedish Prison

June 3rd, 2015
Fredrik Neij, the third and the last founder of the infamous file-sharing website The Pirate Bay, was released on Monday from a Swedish prison. Neij, who goes by the online moniker "TiAMO", was arrested by Thai immigration authorities at the end of November 2014 while he was trying to cross the border illegally from Laos to Thailand and then extradited to a prison in Skänninge, Sweden.

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The Pirate Bay is down, Reason: Game of Thrones fans?

April 12th, 2015

By Waqas

It seems that after the Police bust on The Pirate Bay last year, the domain has habit to go down often. Yes, The Pirate Bay is currently offline and the reason for the outage is still unknown (The word out there is that Game of Thrones pirates may have overloaded the server).  Even if the Game of Thrones is the reason, the main party to be blamed is The Pirate Bay’s team. The […]

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ISPs ordered to hand over names and addresses of illegal file sharers

April 10th, 2015
In a landmark case, a Hollywood studio won the rights to unmask alleged pirates of the movie The Dallas Buyers Club.

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Man beats child porn rap by proving unintentional downloading

April 3rd, 2015

Every day, the popular uTorrent client is used by the masses to legally or illegally download all manner of torrent files. With that comes the risk of computer infections or a lawsuit from a copyright holder.

A suburban Illinois man got way more than what he bargained for after the history buff downloaded files on World War II ordnance. What 40-year-old Wocjciech Florczykowski of Schaumburg got in 2011 was an extreme visit from the FBI and ultimately a charge of child-porn possession.

"The FBI descended on his home with bomb-sniffing dogs and a diffusing team and the whole shebang," his attorney, Lawrence Lykowski, told Ars on Friday.

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If you hammer your RAM, won’t that break it? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

March 14th, 2015
From CPUs on fire to hammered memory modules - here's our latest 60 Second Security video! Why not give it a try...

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Fancy a cryptocoin miner with your Torrent client? “Foistware” back in the spotlight…

March 9th, 2015
If product X suddenly wants you to install product Y as a "recommended extra", is that a good thing or a bad one? In the latest brouhaha, X = torrent client and Y = cryptocoin miner...

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BEWARE: uTorrent Update Secretly Installs Bitcoin Mining Software

March 7th, 2015

By ghostadmin

uTorrent is secretly installing Epic Scale Bitcoin Mining Software on user’ computer to get some bucks – They claim it’s a distributed computing platform, but that’s not true. When you hear the word uTorrent it should remind you of piracy, downloading movies, music or books, but today the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent is in news for some other reason and it’s not good. It started on Thursday, when users started reporting how uTorrent secretly installed a cryptocurrency mining software called Epic […]

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µTorrent latest victim of crapware paranoia

March 7th, 2015

BitTorrent Inc. has been accused of loading its popular µTorrent BitTorrent client with cryptocoin miners that install silently and then harvest the processor power of unwitting torrenters.

Users of the software created a thread on the official µTorrent forum to complain about a high processor load when the computer is idle. The culprit was a program called Epic Scale, installed alongside µTorrent.

Epic Scale is a distributed computing client from a company that claims it wants to harness "unused processing power to change the world." The website says that it uses the processors of machines with the software to solve "math problems for weather prediction, physics simulations, cryptography (including cryptocurrency mining) and more," and this computation is monetized. Currently, it appears that the software is mining the Litecoin cryptocurrency.

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BEWARE! μTorrent Silently Installing Bitcoin Mining Software

March 6th, 2015
If you have recently installed or updated the popular BitTorrent client μTorrent 3.4.2 Build 28913 on your computer, then you read this warning post right now. Users of the μTorrent file-sharing service are complaining that the latest update of software used for torrent downloading is silently installing a piece of unwanted software called EpicScale, which is basically a Bitcoin mining

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