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Mini-review: iWork ‘15 brings a lot of little changes but no headliners

November 17th, 2015

In 2013 following a five-year hiatus, Apple dropped new versions of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers on unsuspecting iWork '09 users. A lot of features were removed, and the user interface was significantly overhauled. The company fixed some of the more egregious omissions in the following months and then did a more significant update of the productivity suite in late 2014. Now, apparently, we're back on a yearly update schedule again. We got another round of iWork updates last month and a round of bug fix point updates after that. On the Mac, this brings Keynote to version 6.6.1, Pages to 5.6.1, and Numbers to 3.6.1. Together, they take up 1.4GB of disk space. In iOS, all three programs are version 2.6.1, taking up about 1.2GB of storage.

Like before, the apps are available through the Mac and iOS app stores. For most people, this will be a free upgrade, but if you haven't bought any new OS X or iOS hardware in the past two years and haven't bought (or even trialed) the apps before, they cost $20 each for the Mac apps and $10 each for the iOS ones. Although the iWork name isn't listed prominently, you'll find the apps when searching for "iWork" in the app stores. The iCloud versions still reside at and have progressed beyond the beta stage. Finally, there's a Keynote extension for the Apple Watch, which you can install on your watch using the Watch app on your iPhone if you have Keynote installed on your phone.

So what's new?

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Three little phishes – security lessons from the week just past…

November 9th, 2015
We picked three recent cybercrime tricks that you can use to remind yourself, your friends, and your family, what to look out for. We're calling them the Three Little Phishes...

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Gaming on Apple TV: Decent selection, hit-and-miss controls

November 4th, 2015

Since the utter failure of the Apple Pippin in the mid-'90s, there's always been a certain subset of the tech world obsessed with the idea of Apple swooping in to save the game console market from itself. That suggestion gained real traction, though, after the iPhone and then the iPad revolutionized the market for gaming away from the the TV, lifting mobile gaming from a Java-based joke to an industry that's worth tens of billions of dollars worldwide.

The newest Apple TV model is the company's long-awaited attempt to bring that mobile gaming revolution to the living room TV, complete with a unique touchpad Remote, optional support for more traditional, button-filled GamePads, and the familiar, wide open App Store model. The result is a product that captures some of the best and worst features of mobile gaming in a living room box, and serves as the most compelling gaming microconsole to date.

What if your TV was, like, a really big iPad?

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Firm: Two iOS Exploits Could Qualify for $1 Million Bounty

November 3rd, 2015

In-brief: One team qualified for the $1 million bounty for a working, remote exploit or jailbreak for devices running Apples iOS 9 operating system, according to the security firm Zerodium. A second may also qualify for at least a partial bounty. However, Apple may only be informed of the holes at a later date.  A firm that counts some of the world’s top intelligence agencies as customers said it will pay a $1 million dollar bounty for a working, remote exploit of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system to one team of hackers who submitted the proof just hours ahead of an October 31st deadline. Zerodium, a company that trades in software vulnerabilities used Twitter on Monday to announce that one company had submitted a working exploit of iOS and would relay that information to its paying customers – though not to iOS’s creator, Apple Corp. – at least not right away. “Our iOS #0day bounty […]

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Secret Apple iPhone zero-day exploit earns $1,000,000! Well, maybe…

November 3rd, 2015
We investigate: why an iOS exploit might be worth $1m, why you might not tell Apple, and whether that would be for the greater good of all.

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Feds explain (sort of) why they really want data on seized iPhone 5S

November 2nd, 2015


Federal prosecutors in New York have responded to a judge’s request that they explain why the government still needs Apple’s help to unlock an iPhone 5S after a recent guilty plea.

The case involves a man named Jun Feng, who pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Feng was charged in conjunction with six other defendants. And as part of the government's effort to convict Feng, the feds wanted—and still want—Apple’s help to unlock Feng’s seized iPhone 5S running iOS 7. Last Friday, United States Magistrate Judge James Orenstein invited the prosecutors to explain why it was still necessary for him to sign off on a proposed order that would compel Apple’s assistance.

"In light of the fact that the defendant against whom evidence from the subject telephone was to be used has pleaded guilty, I respectfully direct the government to explain why the application is not moot," he wrote.

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Feds: Apple must still unlock iPhone 5S, even after defendant pled guilty

October 30th, 2015

(credit: Paul)

In a strange twist, federal prosecutors have said that they are moving forward in their attempt to compel Apple to unlock a seized iPhone 5S running iOS 7, even after the defendant in a felony drug case has now pleaded guilty.

The judge in the case, United States Magistrate Judge James Orenstein, said in a Friday court filing that he is understandably confused.

The defendant, Jun Feng, whose trial was scheduled for next month, was originally charged with three counts of possessing and distributing methamphetamine.

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Tor Apps are Coming to Apple Devices Soon

October 23rd, 2015

By Ryan De Souza

Apple is all set to allow TOR anonymity apps on

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Apple Claims New iPhones are “impossible” to Hack

October 21st, 2015

By Uzair Amir

The CIA and the FBI are always looking for backdoors

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Report: Intel’s modems may end up in future iPhones

October 16th, 2015

Enlarge / Stand aside, iPhones 6S! You're old news! (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

The iPhone 6S has been out for a couple of weeks. It's old news! And as such it is time to move on to speculation about the next model. And while it's going to be a while before we start seeing detailed leaks about the "iPhone 7," VentureBeat is already reporting that Intel wants to get its next-generation LTE modem included.

The report says that Intel's upcoming XMM 7360 LTE modem, a Category 10 part capable of download speeds up to 450Mbps, is a candidate for inclusion in the next iPhone and that the company has "a small army of people on the Apple account" who are working to make sure it happens. VentureBeat's sources say that Apple and Intel haven't signed a deal yet, but that "a deal will happen if Intel continues to hit its project milestones."

Up until now Apple has relied exclusively on Qualcomm for the iPhone's LTE modems, but the company commonly sources screens, NAND, and even the main SoCs from multiple suppliers to alleviate supply constraints. If Intel could crank out a modem with performance and power consumption similar to Qualcomm's, there wouldn't be anything stopping Apple from using both parts or even switching to Intel's exclusively.

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