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iPhone-maker Foxconn to build flat-screen display factory in Wisconsin

July 26th, 2017

Enlarge / The OLED-toting Google Pixel (left) next to the iPhone 7 Plus' LCD panel. (credit: Ron Amadeo)

Foxconn, one of the electronics manufacturers that makes Apple's iPhones, revealed plans today to build a factory in Wisconsin to product flat-screen displays. Foxconn's total investment in the Wisconsin factory amounts to $10 billion, more than the original $7 billion that Foxconn had been talking about investing in US manufacturing since Donald Trump took office as President. The factory will create at least 3,000 jobs and upwards of 13,000 jobs, as well as up to 22,000 induced jobs in other parts of Wisconsin. President Trump praised the deal at the press event, claiming it was a win for anyone who "believes in the label 'Made in the USA.'"

The factory will be located in southeastern Wisconsin in House Speaker Paul Ryan's congressional district. However, it will not come for free. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said at the event that Foxconn will receive an incentive package $3 billion over the next few years, including state, local, and federal incentives.

Foxconn will build flat-screen LCD display panels at the new factory under the Sharp brand, which the company bought in 2016 for $1.5 billion. At the press event, Gou and Governor Walker emphasized LCD display manufacturing for the automotive, healthcare, and other industries, rather than OLED display manufacturing.

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German Electronics Store Sued for Selling Un-Patchable Android Phones

July 21st, 2017

In-brief: That’ll be $99, or $150 without the vulnerabilities! A lawsuit in Germany is trying to force stores to come clean about security holes in the products they sell to consumers.  ‘That’ll be $99, or $150 without the unpatchable mobile operating system vulnerabilities!’ That line may be more common if a case against...

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The iPhone lockscreen hole that we can’t reproduce

July 17th, 2017
We can't reproduce an iPhone lockscreen bug that hit the news last week - but there are plenty of lockscreen lessons to learn anyway.

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The Gearhead podcast: Was the iPhone a revolution or just slick marketing?

July 11th, 2017

Enlarge (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

10 years of iPhone. Who'd have thunk it? From humble beginnings as a way to one-up Microsoft's tablet business, the iPhone has had a lasting impacting on the mobile and computer industries, turning us into mindless swiping and tapping zombies along the way.

Gearhead, episode 2: iPhone turns 10. Download the raw MP3 fileadd to iTunes, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

In this second episode of the Gearhead podcast, Wired's Jeremy White and Ars Technica's Mark Walton are joined by Liat Clark from Wired and Leander Kahney from Cult of Mac to discuss the history of the iPhone and whether it really is the device that changed everything. Kahney, a former Wired alumni, was actually at the launch event for the very first iPhone, and gives us the lowdown on what it was like to be there to witness the unveiling of the "Jesus phone."

Apple also had itself a WWDC in June, launching such products as the HomePod, ARKit, and a new iPad Pro. It even unveiled a new iMac in the form of the uber pimped, uber quick iMac Pro. And just to make things interesting, there's even a surprise Apple quiz to test the technological knowledge of the Wired editors.

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Google Patches Critical ‘Broadpwn’ Bug in July Security Update

July 6th, 2017
The July Android Security Bulletin patches 11 critical remote-code execution bugs including one dubbed ‘Broadpwn’ that impacts both Android and iOS devices.

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Next iPhone might use 3D face-scanning tech instead of TouchID

July 4th, 2017

Enlarge (credit: Veniamin Geskin)

The next iPhone (the iPhone 7S, iPhone 8?), which is due to be released in September, might replace the TouchID fingerprint sensor with whole-face 3D scanning.

According to Bloomberg, which is usually quite reliable when it comes to Apple rumours, the face-scanning tech will allow iPhone users to log in, authenticate payments, and unlock secure apps. This will be powered by a new 3D sensor. Apple is also testing eye scanning tech, which would provide additional security and redundancy alongside the face scanner. The tech might be ready for the next iPhone, or it might not be, according to people familiar with the product.

The same people said the new 3D face-scanning chip is incredibly fast and accurate: it can scan and authenticate the user's face within "a few hundred milliseconds." It apparently doesn't require a close-up of your face, either, which is good news: holding an iPhone up to your face is hardly more ergonomic or convenient than a fingerprint scanner.

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June 29, 2007: Waiting at the San Francisco and Cincinnati Apple Stores on iDay

June 29th, 2017

Ten years ago today, folks like our own Lee Hutchinson waited (in line or online) for the first iPhone's formal release. We've been examining the product's impact all week as it turns 10, and today we couldn't help but resurface our version of those infamous "look at that line, tho" stories from a decade ago. These pieces originally ran on June 29, 2007.

CINCINNATI, Ohio—Everyone else is covering the iPhone line in budding metropoli (is that a word?) euch as New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago. I hear there were 50+ people in line for the iPhone at the Michigan Avenue Apple Store in downtown Chicago as of 5am. Well, we thought we'd do something different (OK, maybe we had to because we were going to that darn wedding later) and cover iPhone line-waiters in a slightly less popular city... the budding metropolis of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I used to live in Cincinnati, and so I was familiar with the landscape when I arrived. I showed up at Kenwood Towne Center Mall at 7:45am Eastern Time, expecting at least 20 people to be in line. This is what I saw when I got there.

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With iPhone, Apple showed AT&T and Verizon who’s boss

June 29th, 2017

Enlarge / A poster announces the arrival of Apple's iPhone at the AT&T store in Orem, Utah, Monday, June 18, 2007. (credit: Getty Images | Bloomberg)

Ten years ago today—on June 29, 2007—many waited (in line or online) for the first iPhone's formal release. Apple's now-signature product has made a lasting mark not only on our communications, but on many unexpected walks of life. This week as the iPhone turns 10, we're examining its impact and revisiting the device that changed it all.

The first iPhone changed the technology industry in a lot of ways, mostly because it was a great device that lots of people wanted to use. But looking back at the device's first decade, one of the most beneficial changes the iPhone brought about for consumers didn't have much to do with the phone itself.

One of Apple's biggest decisions before releasing the iPhone was to retain control of software updates. Apple gave AT&T exclusive rights to carry the iPhone in the US beginning in 2007 with the phone's release. But Apple, not AT&T, would be in charge of updating the software.

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A touch of Cocoa: Inside the original iPhone SDK

June 28th, 2017

Enlarge / Web apps, declared Steve Jobs. All the original iPhone needs is Web apps! (credit: Jacqui Cheng)

When 2016 was over, Apple announced that its app store business generated well over $28 billion in sales that year. While that includes sales of software for its desktop operating system, it does not include the vast quantity of applications that are given away for free (many of which enable some sort of transaction when run). By any measure, the app store is big business, and an app-store-like ecosystem has now been part of any mobile OS for years.

One of the striking things about this is that, if you believe Steve Jobs, none of this was ever supposed to be. When the original iPhone was introduced, Jobs announced its development environment: Web apps.

There’s no SDK that you need! You’ve got everything you need if you know how to write apps using the most modern Web standards to write amazing apps for the iPhone today. So developers, we think we’ve got a very sweet story for you. You can begin building your iPhone apps today.

Jobs, of course, was famous for dismissing something as irrelevant right until the moment that Apple was ready to enter that market. The tight deadlines for putting something as complicated as iOS together undoubtedly left some of its SDK in a state of flux, and all of it was poorly documented—things were likely good enough for internal app development, but not the developer community. It was easy to see Jobs' promotion of Web apps as a strategic announcement, meant to put off developer demands while the SDK was cleaned up.

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Tales from the very first iPhone line

June 28th, 2017

Enlarge / Steve Ballmer and my buddies Jason and Matt. Matt doesn't really have anything to do with this story, but he was in the picture with Jason so he gets to be in the intro image too. (credit: Aurich Lawson)

June 29, 2007 is hot. Texas hot.

I’m hunched beneath an ugly orange awning that features the blue Death Star logo, getting what shade I can out of the thing as it flaps limply in a breeze hot and damp as dog's breath. Behind my back is the cool glass of a store window, on which you can still see the fading outline of recently removed “CINGULAR STORE” vinyl banners. It’s not quite 90F—that’s about 32C for you Celsius fans—but the 90 percent humidity robs the shade of almost all of its comfort. The world is a slowly baking convection oven and the glass I’m leaning on is the only nice thing in it.

A friendly lady from the cosmetics store next door is making the rounds again with bottles of water from a wicker basket, along with coupons for mascara. Her mascara looks solid in spite of the dripping humidity, so I take a coupon.

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