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IBM Buys “Red Hat” Open-Source Software Company for $34 Billion

October 29th, 2018
It's been quite a year for the open source platforms. Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired popular code repository hosting service GitHub for $7.5 billion, and now IBM has just announced the biggest open-source business deal ever. IBM today confirmed that it would be acquiring open source Linux firm Red Hat for $190 per share in cash, working out to a total value of approximately $34

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Google Will Charge Android Phone Makers to Use Its Apps In Europe

October 17th, 2018
Would you prefer purchasing an Android device that doesn't have any apps or services from Google? No Google Maps, No Gmail, No YouTube! And NOT even the Google Play Store—from where you could have installed any Android apps you want Because if you live in Europe, from now on, you have to spend some extra cash on a smartphone with built-in Google services, which were otherwise until now

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Smart Devices Can Be Hijacked to Track Your Body Movements And Activities Remotely

August 20th, 2017

If your smartphones, tablets, smart refrigerators, smart TVs and other smart devices are smart enough to make your life easier, their smart behavior could also be leveraged by hackers to steal data, invade your privacy or spy on you, if not secured properly.

One such experiment has recently been performed by a team of student hackers, demonstrating a new attack method to turn smart devices

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Chinese Quantum Satellite Sends First ‘Unhackable’ Data to Earth

August 10th, 2017

In what appears to be the world’s first quantum satellite transmission, China has successfully sent an “unbreakable” code over a long distance from an orbiting satellite to the Earth, achieving a milestone in the next generation encryption based on “quantum cryptography.”

In August last year, China launched the world’s first quantum communication satellite into the Earth’s orbit aboard a Long

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Microsoft Unveils Special Version of Windows 10 For Chinese Government

May 24th, 2017

China is very strict about censorship, which is why the country has become very paranoid when it comes to adopting foreign technologies.

The country banned Microsoft’s Windows operating system on government computers in 2014 amid concerns about security and US surveillance.

Even in the wake of that, China had been pushing its custom version of Windows XP and its forked version of Ubuntu

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Hackers Can Steal Your Passwords Just by Monitoring SmartPhone Sensors

April 12th, 2017

Do you know how many kinds of sensors your smartphone has inbuilt? And what data they gather about your physical and digital activities?

An average smartphone these days is packed with a wide array of sensors such as GPS, Camera, microphone, accelerometer, magnetometer, proximity, gyroscope, pedometer, and NFC, to name a few.

Now, according to a team of scientists from Newcastle University

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Raspberry Pi launches PIXEL OS for Mac and PCs

December 22nd, 2016

Here’s the Raspberry Pi’s Christmas treat for tech community!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an experimental version of its lightweight Linux-based Debian operating system called PIXEL OS that can run on most standard desktop computers ships with Windows and Mac OS X without the need of a Raspberry Pi.
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Initially launched in September this year, the PIXEL operating

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LOL: CNN caught playing porn for a half hour straight

November 25th, 2016

By Carolina

If you are following you may have already enjoyed stories where hackers turned billboards and bus station screens into an adult movie theater but how would you feel knowing Cable News Network (CNN), a mainstream news channel was playing porn for straight 30 minutes for its Boston audience? What happened is that on ThanksGiving night around […]

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Antivirus Firm Kaspersky launches Its Own Secure Operating System

November 24th, 2016

The popular cyber security and antivirus company Kaspersky has unveiled its new hack-proof operating system: Kaspersky OS.

The new operating system has been in development for last 14 years and has chosen to design from scratch rather than relying on Linux.

Kaspersky OS makes its debut on a Kraftway Layer 3 Switch, CEO Eugene Kaspersky says in his blog post, without revealing many details

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Elon Musk Plans to Launch 4,425 Satellites to provide Global Internet from Space

November 18th, 2016

Big tech companies, including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, are in the race of bringing Internet connectivity to unconnected parts of the world through wireless devices, flying drones, high-altitude balloons, and laser beams.

But, SpaceX founder Elon Musk has big plans for bringing low-cost Internet service worldwide, and it all starts in space.
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Private rocket launch

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