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Ex-US Intelligence Agent Charged With Spying and Helping Iranian Hackers

February 14th, 2019
The United States Department of Justice has announced espionage charges against a former US Air Force intelligence officer with the highest level of top-secret clearance for providing the Iranian government classified defense information after she defected to Iran in 2013. Monica Elfriede Witt, 39, was a former U.S. Air Force Intelligence Specialist and Special Agent of the Air Force Office

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StoneDrill Disk Wiping Malware Found Targeting European Industries

March 7th, 2017

A new disk wiping malware has been uncovered targeting a petroleum company in Europe, which is quite similar to the mysterious disk wiper malware Shamoon that wiped data from 35,000 computers at Saudi Arabia’s national oil company in 2012.

Disk wiping malware has the ability to cripple any organization by permanently wiping out data from all hard drive and external storage on a targeted

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US releases Iranian Hacker as part of Prisoner Exchange Program

January 20th, 2016

The United States has freed 4 Iranian nationals (including one Hacker) and reduced the sentences of 3 others in exchange for the release of 5 Americans formerly held by Iran as part of a prisoner swap or Prisoner Exchange Program.

The Iranian citizens released from the United States custody through a side deal to the Iran nuclear agreement.

Iran released five Americans, including:

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