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Beware!! New Windows .exe Malware Found Targeting macOS Computers

February 12th, 2019
A malicious Windows EXE file can even infect your Mac computer as well. Yes, you heard me right — a .exe malware on macOS. Security researchers at antivirus firm Trend Micro have discovered a novel way hackers are using in the wild to bypass Apple's macOS security protection and infect Mac computers by deploying malicious EXE files that normally run only on Windows computers. Researchers

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New Mac Malware Targets Cookies to Steal From Cryptocurrency Wallets

February 1st, 2019
Mac users need to beware of a newly discovered piece of malware that steals their web browser cookies and credentials in an attempt to withdraw funds from their cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Dubbed CookieMiner due to its capability of stealing cookies-related to cryptocurrency exchanges, the malware has specifically been designed to target Mac users and is believed to be based on

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3 New CIA-developed Hacking Tools For MacOS & Linux Exposed

July 27th, 2017

WikiLeaks has just published a new set of classified documents linked to another CIA project, dubbed ‘Imperial,’ which reveals details of at least three CIA-developed hacking tools and implants designed to target computers running Apple Mac OS X and different flavours of Linux operating systems.

If you are a regular reader of THN, you must be aware that this latest revelation by the

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Watch Out! First-Ever Word Macro Malware for Apple Mac OS Discovered in the Wild

February 10th, 2017

After targeting Windows-based computers over the past few years, hackers are now shifting their interest to Macs as well.

The emergence of the first macro-based Word document attack against Apple’s macOS platform is the latest example to prove this.

The concept of Macros dates back to 1990s. You might be familiar with the message that reads: “Warning: This document contains macros.”

Macro is a

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Deadly Simple Exploit Bypasses Apple Gatekeeper Security to Install Malicious Apps

October 1st, 2015

Apple Mac Computers are considered to be invulnerable to malware, but the new Exploit discovered by security researchers proves it indeed quite false.

Patrick Wardle, director of research at security firm Synack, has found a deadly simple way that completely bypass one of the core security features in Mac OS X i.e. Gatekeeper.

Introduced in July of 2012, Gatekeeper is Apple’s

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Apple Mac OSX Zero-Day Bug Allows Hackers to Install RootKit Malware

June 2nd, 2015

A zero-day software vulnerability discovered deep in the firmware of many Apple computers could allows an attacker to modify the system’s BIOS and install a rootkit, potentially gaining complete control of the victim’s Mac.

The critical vulnerability, discovered by well-known OS X security researcher Pedro Vilaca, affects Mac computers shipped before mid-2014 that are allowed to go into

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