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Hacker Ordered to Pay Back Nearly £1 Million to Phishing Victims

August 23rd, 2019
A prolific hacker who carried out phishing scams against hundreds of companies worldwide has been ordered to pay back more than $1.1 million (over £922,000) worth of cryptocurrencies to his victims. Grant West, a 27-year-old resident of Kent, England, targeted several well-known companies around the world since 2015 to obtain the financial data of tens of thousands of customers and then sold

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iOS 12.4 jailbreak released after Apple ‘accidentally un-patches’ an old flaw

August 20th, 2019
A fully functional jailbreak has been released for the latest iOS 12.4 on the Internet, making it the first public jailbreak in a long time—thanks to Apple. Dubbed "unc0ver 3.5.0," the jailbreak works with the updated iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches by leveraging a vulnerability that Apple previously patched in iOS 12.3 but accidentally reintroduced in the latest iOS version 12.4.

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Patches for 2 Severe LibreOffice Flaws Bypassed — Update to Patch Again

August 16th, 2019
If you are using LibreOffice, you need to update it once again. LibreOffice has released the latest version 6.2.6/6.3.0 of its open-source office software to address three new vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to bypass patches for two previously addressed vulnerabilities. LibreOffice is one of the most popular and open source alternatives to Microsoft Office suite and is available

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Bluetana App Quickly Detects Hidden Bluetooth Card Skimmers at Gas Pumps

August 16th, 2019
In recent years, gas stations have become one of the favorite targets for thieves who are stealing customers' credit and debit card information by installing a Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmers at gas stations across the nation. The media has also reported several recent crimes surrounding credit card skimmers, including: Gas pump skimmer found at a 7-Eleven in Pinellas County Credit

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New Bluetooth Vulnerability Lets Attackers Spy On Encrypted Connections

August 14th, 2019
Over a billion Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, laptops, smart IoT devices, and industrial devices, have been found vulnerable to a high severity vulnerability that could allow attackers to spy on data transmitted between the two devices. The vulnerability, assigned as CVE-2019-9506, resides in the way 'encryption key negotiation protocol' lets two Bluetooth BR/EDR devices

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Google Discloses 20-Year-Old Unpatched Flaw Affecting All Versions of Windows

August 13th, 2019
Update — With this month's patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft has finally addressed this vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-1162, by correcting how the Windows operating system handles calls to Advanced Local Procedure Call (ALPC). A Google security researcher has just disclosed details of a 20-year-old unpatched high-severity vulnerability affecting all versions of Microsoft Windows, back

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Cerberus: A New Android ‘Banking Malware For Rent’ Emerges

August 13th, 2019
After a few popular Android Trojans like Anubis, Red Alert 2.0, GM bot, and Exobot, quit their malware-as-a-service businesses, a new player has emerged on the Internet with similar capabilities to fill the gap, offering Android bot rental service to the masses. Dubbed "Cerberus," the new remote access Trojan allows remote attackers to take total control over the infected Android devices and

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Binance KYC Data Leak — Crypto Exchange Sets $290,000 Bounty On Blackmailer

August 7th, 2019
Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance has become a victim of a ransom demand from a scammer who claimed to have hacked the KYC (Know Your Customer) data of thousands of its customers. The unknown attacker threatened the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume to release KYC information of 10,000 users if the company did not pay 300 Bitcoins—that's equivalent to almost $3.5

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KDE Linux Desktops Could Get Hacked Without Even Opening Malicious Files

August 7th, 2019
If you are running a KDE desktop environment on your Linux operating system, you need to be extra careful and avoid downloading any ".desktop" or ".directory" file for a while. A cybersecurity researcher has disclosed an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in the KDE software framework that could allow maliciously crafted .desktop and .directory files to silently run arbitrary code on a user's

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Pakistani Man Bribed AT&T Insiders to Plant Malware and Unlock 2 Million Phones

August 6th, 2019
United States federal government has charged a Pakistani national for bribing employees at AT&T telecommunication company over a period of five years to help unlock more than 2 million phones and plant malware on the company's network. Muhammad Fahd, a 34-year-old man from Pakistan, was arrested in Hong Kong last year in February at the request of the U.S. government and just extradited to the

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