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Google workers listen to your “OK Google” queries—one of them leaked recordings

July 11th, 2019
Three different Google Home smart speakers sitting next to each other on a table.

Enlarge / The Google Home Mini, the original Google Home, and the Google Home Max. (credit: Google)

Google today defended its practice of having workers listen to users' Google Assistant queries, following the leak of 1,000 voice recordings to a media outlet. Google also said it will try to prevent future leaks of its users' voice recordings.

VRT NWS, a news organization run by a public broadcaster in the Flemish region of Belgium, said it "was able to listen to more than a thousand [Google Assistant] recordings" that it received from a Google subcontractor.

Google Assistant is used on Google Home smart speakers, Android devices, and Chromebooks.

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Your gadget could save your life: smart speaker phones police

July 11th, 2017

We write a lot about the privacy issues of smart speakers in your home – but one device might have saved lives in an alleged hostage situation

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